Programming Initiatives

DFOY has developed several program initiatives and activities under the title of “Helping Engaged Youth” (H.E.Y) that help attract, engage, support and develop our participants.

H.E.Y. (Helping Engaged Youth) - DFOY “H.E.Y” is an individualized program in which DFOY collaborates with individual participants outside of the DFOY group model.

When they enroll, DFOY participants are assigned a “group leader” whose responsibility it is to build a relationship and partnership with each participant. Through these partnerships, DFOY determines what services and supports are needed to help each participant progress towards accomplishing their school, career, and life goals.

Through the H.E.Y. program, DFOY tutors youth in areas of academic challenge, and steers participants and their families towards social support services. H.E.Y. serves as the vehicle through which DFOY encourages participants of all ages, elementary to adult, to apply for opportunities in their chosen fields of interest, and take positive risks.

H.E.Y. GROW (Helping Engaged Youth Grow) - Using the motivational theme “Dream It, Think It, Build It!” our H.E.Y Grow activities push youth and young adults to participate in science challenges, math competitions, performing and visual arts exhibitions, and become knowledgeable about areas such as computer engineering, video and audio production, and financial literacy.

H.E.Y. GROW supports youth in applying for competitions and educational opportunities in these areas by linking them with leaders in the STEAM industries for networking opportunities.

H.E.Y. L.E.A.D. (Helping Engaged Youth for Leadership, Empowerment, and Development) - Our H.E.Y L.E.A.D. curriculum model and objectives teach our participants, specifically young people, how to function as a community and serve as responsible leaders in their communities.

Through this initiative, DFOY educates its participants about the effectiveness of personal and collective ‘power, voice, and choice’ in affecting social change. Participants serve as Youth Councils, Resident Advisory Boards, and community and school leaders who are all focused on uniting their geographic, generational, cultural, and social communities for change.

H.E.Y. DFOY (Helping Engaged Youth DFOY) – Through HEY DFOY, DFOY helps its participants identify their learning and career goals, as well as organizations and secondary and post-secondary institutions that will help their efforts towards self-sufficiency in every area of life.