Cycle Program Examples

Activity Categories Brief Description of Activity Skill/Learning Goals to be Gained by Participants Total Hours Per Week Total Number of Weeks (1-4)
Academic Support Homework Help Participants begin the process of homework assignment completion under the supervision of the Program Staff Improved academic achievement; promote critical thinking 5 4
Academic Support One to one or small group academic intervention centered around skill or content knowledge needs of participants as communicated by participants, parents or instructors Increase problem solving; improved academic achievement 5 4
Academic Support Reading/Writing/Math Remediation Curriculum specifically designed and used to help strengthen participants' skills and content knowledge in areas of identified challenge or low proficiency on NYS ELA or Math Standardized exams and Common Core Learning Standards Improved academic achievement 2 4
Enrichment - Literacy Performance Arts High-quality performing arts instruction in the areas of vocal music, acting, musical theater, and performing. Talent development; improved literacy and communication skills 2 4
Enrichment - STEM Conservation Club Participants explore their own community in order to develop a respect for the beauty of nature through quarterly nature walks, participants compare and document the 4 seasons, create nature guides and helpful handbooks around environmental conservation to exhibit their learning Increased environmental awareness; improved understanding of scientific principles (biology, environmental science and earth science) 2 4
Enrichment - STEM Young Moguls An activity designed to teach participants the fundamentals of consumer economics (earning, saving, and spending), entrepreneurship, and business financial practices through experiential activities and trips Improved mathematics and motivation; increased self awareness and self-management skills 2 4
Enrichment - STEM DFOY Store An experiential activity that allows participants to apply consumer and business economics principles to start a store Improved mathematics, academic achievement and motivation increased self-awareness and self-management skills 3 4
Physical Activity Step Participants are introduced to the origins and fundamentals of step dance and other routines and learn the importance of teamwork and synchronicity as a unit focused on a common objective or goal Talent development 3 4
Physical Activity - Intramural Sports Sports programs designed to allow all participants to learn the fundamentals of the selected seasonal sport; youth are organized into teams and compete with one another using the skills acquired and knowledge learned regarding the rules of the game, fundamentals of teamwork and fair play Talent development 3 4
Leadership Development Debate An activity designed to instruct participants in the art of argumentation, rhetoric and research in a public speaking forum Improved initiative and agency around one's own learning and school experience with an increased ability to self-advocate improved literacy and communication skills 2 4